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Sugar reduction starts here!

With low glycemic impact, low water activity, FDA GRAS and non-GMO project verification, FiberSMART® Soluble Tapioca or Corn Fiber is the crème de la crème of fiber options on the market.

Why FiberSMART®?

Since its introduction in 2015, FiberSMART® has revolutionized the fiber space with its consumer-preferred non-GMO tapioca and corn offerings. Compared head-to-head with any other fiber on the market, FiberSMART® consistently comes out on top in a number of applications including protein bars, ice cream, candy, beverages and gummies. With over 90% dietary fiber according to traditional AOAC methodology, FiberSMART® can be added to increase fiber content without sacrificing flavor or texture. As a Non-GMO Project certified ingredient available as certified conventional or organic powder or syrup, FiberSMART® is a clean label alternative to many traditional foods that consumers crave.

Supported by a compelling high tolerability study conducted by Australia's Murdoch University, FiberSMART® soluble fiber can be used in a wide variety of prepared foods, baked goods, beverages (dairy and non-dairy), candy, cereals and bars of granola, condiments and dressings. , candy, frozen desserts, sauces and juices, meal replacements, pasta and grain products, processed fruits, including processed dried fruits, fruit drinks, carbonated drinks and flavored water. FiberSMART®, a globally accepted and consumer-preferred resilient dextrin, should be the ideal fiber on any formulator's shelf.

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