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Sugar Free Concentrate

GuoSWEET® is a family of premium products from Luo Han Guo Fruit that deliver sugar-free satisfaction to consumers around the world.

Why GuoSWEET®?

Luo han guo, also known as “Buddha Fruit” or “Monk Fruit,” continues to rapidly gain followers who consider the sweet fruit to be the best natural sugar substitute available on the market.

GuoSWEET®, sourced from a new growing region in China that produces superior fruit, offers a breakthrough in clean, natural sweet flavor whose extract is 200 to 300 times the sweetness of sugar thanks to the mogroside phytonutrient compounds found in Fruit. With a mild aftertaste, GuoSWEET® allows for higher usage levels compared to other sweeteners and its versatility lends itself to almost any type of application in foods, beverages or bars.

The GuoSWEET® family of products includes conventional or certified organic soluble powder extracts standardized to 40% or 50% Mogroside-V. These extracts have become a staple in recipes for food products sold around the world, but the product that sets the GuoSWEET® family apart from other offerings is GuoSWEET® Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate. Eighteen times sweeter than sugar and without the off-notes often associated with monk fruit extracts, liquid juice concentrate offers a unique solution for a number of applications including low sugar fruit juices, ice creams, bars, candy, drinks, dressings and yogurt. and soups.

The product family also includes clean erythritol cogranulation superior to anything else on the market for formulators looking for a sugar substitute with the same one-to-one sweetness as table sugar.

GuoSWEET® should be the go-to product family for any sugar reduction project.

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