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The difference between fresh and not so fresh

The MoisturLOK® family of products has kept foods fresh for decades by mitigating moisture migration to extend shelf life.

Why MoisturLOK®?

The MoisturLOK® family of products solves clean label problems. All food products, whether baked, extruded or processed, face the same challenge: moisture migration. Moisture causes doughs to be too sticky, microwaved products to be too soggy, and baked goods to go stale long before they should. There are chemical solutions available to mitigate these challenges, but they are no longer acceptable in the clean label natural world we now live in.

Sticky flatbread dough affects machinability and performance. Microwaving soggy food eliminates repeat customers. MoisturLOK® Reduced Sugar Syrup to the rescue. Sugar-free cookies that need a shelf life of six months taste like cardboard after three months. MoisturLOK® sugar-free syrup can save the day.

MoisturLOK® has kept foods moist and tasting fresher longer for decades, as it has been shown to extend the shelf life of food products by up to three times. By increasing product life, MoisturLOK® has been shown to reduce the cost of obsolete and deteriorated product for some manufacturers by up to 80%.

MoisturLOK® should be a core ingredient within the research and development group of any company affiliated with baked goods, bars, cookies, meats, frozen foods, tortillas, flatbreads or gluten-free food products.

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